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A pioneering educational institution situated in the city of Hebron, where tradition, civilization, architecture, and the rich legacy of Al-Qasimi institutions seamlessly integrate with modernity and technology. With a steadfast commitment to its strategic plans, this institution strives to become a trailblazer in Palestine and neighboring countries. It harnesses various resources to empower students to transition from passive recipients to active participants in their education. This is achieved through the innovative use of cutting-edge technologies, which equips them with the necessary skills, expertise, and creativity to thrive in the dynamic labor market.

Al-Qasimi institutions have made a significant impact in various facets of life, actively contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and fostering a strong connection with the Almighty through their educational establishments. These institutions have consistently demonstrated remarkable achievements and distinction across the nation. Moreover, they display a genuine concern for the social welfare, making concerted efforts to serve the community and engage with all segments of society, all in pursuit of the pleasure of Allah. The institutions’ activities encompass a diverse range of aspects, aligning with the comprehensive principles of Islam and its emphasis on worship as encompassing all righteous endeavors that seek the pleasure of the Almighty.

Al Qasimi Institutions / Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Raouf Al Qasimi.
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To ensure excellence and distinctiveness, we have carefully selected contemporary majors that align with the demands of the labor market. Upon completion of studies at the Smart College of Modern Education, students gain the freedom to choose a workplace that best aligns with their vision and aspirations. With unwavering confidence, they can transcend the realm of traditional job competitions, where thousands vie for positions each year.

The Smart College of Modern Education is committed to integrating theoretical and practical approaches simultaneously, thereby fostering a comprehensive educational system that effectively prepares students for direct entry into the labor market.

Interactive and e-learning

The Smart College of Modern Education prioritizes staying abreast of the latest advancements in educational technology. It is dedicated to creating a conducive and purposeful learning environment, emphasizing the integration of vocational and technical education with interactive learning. The following is an overview of the interactive learning process, as well as the tools and software employed.

Interactive education can be defined as a comprehensive approach that encompasses various interconnected components. These include tools, software, curricula, and the provision of tablets to students.


The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing a smart and modern environment. Furthermore, the laboratories are designed to meet world-class standards, ensuring optimal learning experiences.

Uni Life

The Activities Department strives to provide students with diverse opportunities to engage in their hobbies, allowing them to develop and refine their skills. Our primary objectives include raising awareness among young individuals, fostering personal growth among university students, and creating an environment conducive to the practice of these activities. Through carefully curated programs, we aim to cultivate students’ sense of responsibility and belonging, while expanding their experiences in various fields. Our overarching goal is to shape and enhance their personalities, equipping the next generation with essential life skills, a broad perspective, and open-mindedness.

To achieve these objectives, we undertake several tasks within the department:

1. Organizing training courses, lectures, seminars, and workshops.
2. Planning and coordinating scientific and recreational trips.
3. Guiding and supporting students in exploring and nurturing their abilities, talents, and interests. We closely monitor their progress and provide them with the necessary resources and opportunities to develop their skills.
4. Establishing activities that serve the community, encouraging students to participate in voluntary initiatives and charitable endeavors. We oversee and supervise both local and international activities.
5. Engaging in cultural, artistic, and sports activities and competitions held by other universities and colleges.
6. Monitoring and supporting the formation of technical teams, such as choirs, scouts, drawing, writing, poetry, and debate teams. We identify their specific needs and provide appropriate assistance and guidance.

By executing these responsibilities, we ensure that students receive a well-rounded educational experience, fostering their personal growth, and enabling them to contribute positively to society.