E-learning and Interactive

The Smart College for Modern Education prioritized keeping up with the most modern advances in technology in education. It adopted the concept of interactive education, which combines vocational and technical education with interactive education, in an effort to provide an environment suitable for a comfortable and purposeful educational experience. Following is a description of the interactive learning process, tools, and software used.

What is interactive learning?

The interactive education process consists of a series of interconnected components, including tools, software, curriculum, and students’ tablets.

Interactive devices and tools:

  • Interactive Screens

Interactive screens, the first of their kind in Palestine, operate on the Android system and provide an integrated system that allows lecturers to browse the Internet and many other applications like Zoom, and Teams, and provide the (e-Share) feature, which allows teachers to use the touch screen features on the screen. Interactive whiteboards with multitouch features enable adding photographs, videos, drawings, and technical measurements to the teaching board to be used in the explanation.

  • Student Tablet

 As a replacement for paper books, students’ tablets include all college courses and curricula and are handled via class and email. In an interactive teaching program, students utilize tablets to enter electronic lectures with teachers, allowing them to participate in lecture activities on their tablets.

  •  Software used in E-learning and Interactive


  • E-classroom:

The Google-managed e-classroom connects students and lecturers through email. The teacher may manage students, grades, and published courses in the e-class. Additionally, it is used together with interactive learning software to share the interactive lecture.

  •  Moodle platform:

The Moodle system is linked to the registration system, where all the details of the lectures, the list of students in each lecture, and the distribution of grades are transmitted, and it is accessed with the student number and portal password. Moodle is a resource-rich system that effectively adds to the educational process, such as by attaching it to digital lectures conducted through the Zoom portal or others. In addition to a group of additives for interactive courses like H5P. In addition to all of this, this system provides a successful question bank for electronic exams.

  • Nearpod Program

One of the interactive programs used at Smart College for Modern Education This technology lets lecturers build interactive lessons using additional features. The lecturer can use the collaborative board, brainstorming questions, open-ended questions, 3D videos, and many interactive games to study student interaction during the lecture, use the reports issued by Activities in the system to assess the lecture’s progress, and make sure the information reaches the students correctly.