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The Fashion Design program is given in a new style in which the program combines standard design, local and international sewing, and fashion design curriculum with technologically integrated learning experiences and unit contents.

This diploma gives students extensive knowledge of how to create and use the newest technologies in design and implementation. Fashion design with the newest technology will provide students with many local and global work chances. Students will become professional fashion designers with a technical and technological comprehension of fashion’s ever-changing world.

Students will learn design theory and practice via problem-based and studio instruction. Students may analyze, evaluate, and propose new design ideas as well as find creative design solutions. The offered units will teach students how to conceive and generate aesthetically and practically sound outputs while following fashion trends. This program is compatible with the ESMODE French Fashion curriculum structure, allowing students to mix and apply study units.

After academic courses, labs, and practical training, the student can be able to:

• Designing an integrated fashion collection using fashion components and ideas.

• Drawing patrons, modifying and darts manipulation

• Pattern adjustments and basics of pattern manipulation

• Drawing sketches of fashion and its accessories.

• Designing, tailoring, and sewing (women’s, men’s, and children’s) clothing.

• Drawing fashion patrons and designs on a computer.

• Start establishing their own project.

• Marketing their products on social media in a creative manner.

• Manager of a fashion company or sewing workshop.
• Fashion designer
• Fashion entrepreneur.
• Patron specialist.
• Tailor.
• Fashion merchant.
• Fashion forecaster.
• Public relations coordinator in the field of fashion.
• Fashion magazines and web pages editor.

This program consists of (two) academic years, with a total of (76) credit hours.

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