Intermediate Diploma

Culinary Arts

About the Program

This program is one of the qualitative majors that provides an integrated set of theoretical and applied study programs that qualify and prepare the student to meet the needs of the labor market by providing him with the knowledge and technical skills related to food production and kitchens, in order to conduct work in all sectors, and to employ a student in the private and public sectors.

Program Aims

The aim of the program in culinary arts (chef) is to:

  • Master the culinary arts, how to prepare a variety of dishes, and the associated theoretical and practical aspects.
  • Enabling students to prepare all varieties of Eastern and Western dishes and beverages, as well as all categories of desserts.
  • The student learns culinary techniques and how to serve food and beverages proficiently, possesses the skill of testing food and knowing what is missing, and can develop new meals and blend ingredients to make great ones.
  • Providing practical training for students so they can train professionally will qualify them for work in the restaurant sector after graduation by allocating restaurants in the college’s corridors with the best services.
  • This program allows students to integrate with any experience because the Smart College for Modern Education develops students’ English and French skills to open up opportunities for them to join international universities in this field, in addition to consulting international sources.

Fields of Work

There are several job opportunities for program graduates; however, the following are the most significant and attractive:

  • Management of restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs, cafés, and similar businesses.
  • Teaching in the field of food and beverage management in educational and training institutions.
  • The departments of product development and food marketing.
  • Nutritionist

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Culinary Arts

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