Intermediate Diploma

Cyber Security

About the Program

This program revolves around equipping students with scientific and technical skills in the field of information security to contribute to the growth and development of this field in Palestine, given its importance with rapid technological advancements. It aims to meet the needs of the industrial and service sectors with qualified staff who can perform tasks such as designing and implementing policies for protecting data and the technical environment of institutions. It also involves examining and analyzing the risks that organizations may face, providing comprehensive reports with necessary recommendations, and enhancing skills in dealing with cyber-attacks and risks. Additionally, the specialization provides students with the necessary practical skills to build a comprehensive and secure local network, as well as manage and connect it to the global network. This specialization consists of two academic years, totaling 76 credit hours.

Program Aims

Graduates are prepared for job opportunities and are able to adjust to developments and modernization in the following fields:

  • Designing and managing local networks and internet networks.
  • Designing necessary policies to protect networks of various types.
  • Network auditing, identifying weak points, and setting the enhancement plan.
  • Managing technical disasters and handling various types of cyberattacks.
  • Dealing with different well-known operating systems.

Program Outcomes

  1. Mastery of designing, installing, maintaining, and managing various types of wired and wireless computer networks.
  2. Designing and implementing suitable information security policies with skill.
  3. Dealing with cyber-attacks.

Fields of Work

  1. Extending, installing, and maintaining computer networks.
  2. Managing computer network security and backups.
  3. Managing information security programs in information centers and electronic gateways.
  4. Participating in quality assurance tests to protect networks and systems.
  5. Designing information security policies that correspond with companies and organizations goals and requirements.
  6. Establishing a private project.


Cyber Security

🏠 Hebron, Al-Haras


🏢 Sun – Thu 8:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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