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Smart College for Modern Education

In 2020 A.D., in the city of the prophets’ Khalil Al-Rahman, the “Smart College for Modern Education” was founded with an innovative vision. This scientific and technological edifice is an extension of a pioneering academic and educational institution in the occupied Palestinian heartland. The college has acquired a unique identity that distinguishes it from others as a consequence of a novel idea that combines originality, modernity, and advanced technology in teaching and learning.

The Smart College for Modern Education aims to be the “first educational institution” locally in academic and vocational and technical education and training with an open-minded vision and ambitious strategy. The institution has planned and created all its educational programs and specialties in a scientific, methodical, and technical way to satisfy the requirements of current times and the time of technology and artificial intelligence. It satisfies the demands of the local and international labor market for skilled workers and efficient and effective human resources, as well as operators in many economic sectors.

From this unique perspective, the College strives to build an interactive educational system that is modern and creative, in which the student transforms from a mere recipient of information in its traditional style into a real interaction with it, using all that is new and developed from modern educational techniques, so that the student is ready for the job market after graduation with knowledge, skills, and technology.

The Smart College for Modern Education is working hard to become one of the best local and regional higher education institutions by providing a model environment for a unique education that challenges standard and traditional patterns. It is an ongoing effort at creative management. In addition, the college follows a set of carefully defined public and private aims and institutional ideals to serve society and satisfy the third millennium’s sustainable development goals.


Smart technology-integrated education inspires future generations.

The message

The Smart College for Modern Education provides educational and professional services characterized by creativity in offering modern programs to provide students with the knowledge, practical and field skills, and scientific research; by establishing twinning relationships with Arab and international institutes and universities to exchange experiences; and by establishing an academic structure capable of qualification and excellence in partnership with all segments of society. Moreover, the creation of company incubators to suit the diverse demands of the market, therefore reducing unemployment.

The goals of the smart college for modern education

The Smart College for Modern Education has endeavored to adapt its modern vision into its main goals, which are:

1- Developing and providing creative, modern educational programs that meet national and international quality requirements and keep updated.

2-Developing college students’ scientific, technical skills and leadership personalities based on the institution’s goal and society’s values and culture to be Beneficial and influential citizens in their surroundings.

3- Creating a creative, innovative educational environment that integrates technology and the educational process.

4- Increasing the college’s academic and administrative efficiency through educating and qualifying its staff.

5- Providing both national and international labor markets with competent and trained manpower from graduate students who can meet the actual and realistic requirements of employers in a variety of economic sectors.

6- Build collaboration bridges and develop cooperative and effective work with society’s institutions and sectors (public, private, and civic); To share different experiences.

7- Enhance knowledge production and scientific research for sustainable development to provide the educational and societal sectors with qualitative and distinguished scientific research that can innovate solutions and address current problems and challenges.

8- Expanding the college’s community duty, good citizenship, and pioneering impact in Palestine to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The Smart College for Modern Education keeps working to be the best culturally, academically, and technologically. It also wants to be the best in technical specialties, innovative applied research, and entrepreneurship in areas that are important to development in all of its branches. It does this by paving the way for its students to develop the scientific and technical human revolution in order to achieve excellence and economic and social leadership through several values pursued by the college, as follows:


Based on comprehensive research that is suitable to the needs of both Palestinian and international society, the college develops all specialties and adds new ones.


Establishing open communication between the college administration and its departments, as well as between students and their representatives.


Providing lecturers with professional experiences, fostering a greater sense of responsibility, and leadership among lecturers and students.

Community Affiliation

Enhancing the college’s social responsibility by monitoring the community’s needs and contributing to their realization.

Focusing on learners 

The Smart College for Modern Education considers learners to be society’s apparent and latent energy as well as its future leaders. Therefore, it constantly attempts to give them high educational experiences to excite them intellectually, encourages them to break out of traditional molds, and provides them with lofty ideals while obtaining the greatest levels of satisfaction, fulfilling market needs, and working with the greatest skills.

Pioneering change

The college is committed to smart education because it adopts a modern philosophy that is compatible with global modernity, development, and aims to redefine the four pillars of education, which are the academic staff, curriculum, educational principles, and students. It also provides opportunities for students to broaden their intellectual horizons and adopt ideas that are far from imitation.


The College, including students and academics, represents a complete academic community that is keen to collaborate with researchers and scholars globally to build competencies for success.

Achieving Results

The Smart College of Modern Education focuses on the results and outputs of the educational process, compatible with the requirements of the labor market and society, and tries to achieve its goal within the framework of an excellent system.

Stimulate Innovation

The Smart College for Modern Education promotes innovation in all sectors through faculty-student collaboration with the local community to advance scientific research, creativity, and sustainable development in Palestine.

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